Friday, May 28, 2010

haPPy birthDay saYangku Mr DiL..(part2)

Happy birthday to someone that i love..i know i'm not the perfect person and not too good for u syg..but i'm trying my best to be ur special person and i'll be improving our relationship with the bless of Allah and our strength of love..there no others man except u syg and i want u to be part of my life forever and ever after..Ayg always praying for us..Allah will give what is the best and good us.All assumptions are just a test for us whether we strongly together or not?But alhamdulillah..after past for 7years and half,we r still really grateful for that syg..

Whole Life Through

Many occasions I have celebrated with you But your birthday is always the most special do Over the years the love just grew Knowing that you love me very much too Thinking of your smiles as the candles you blew I hope many more birthdays we have in queue To celebrate together the whole life through